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Quality, Security and Sustainability

We are constantly pushing our limits in terms of quality. We invest in people, means and services for maximum security. And sustainability is our drive



The quality of V.V.T. Europa’s service provision is largely guaranteed by safeguarding all our processes through the use of automation. All processes, from quotation to invoice, are logged and processed automatically in a centrally managed system. This doesn’t just include the internal processes, but also the processes that take place during transportation. For example, we use an advanced GPRS/GPS track-and-trace system. Drivers can also operate the CMR from any location using an on-board computer. This means that all the associated processes, both for V.V.T. Europa and for the client, can be set in motion straight away.

The automation also makes things easier for you. V.V.T. Europa offers the possibility of digital invoicing and the option to place orders directly in our system. This efficient way of working increases the chances of each project reaching a successful conclusion.



Since 2012 VVT Europa is certified by TAPA EMEA based on the TSR class 1. The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) is a unique forum that unites global manufacturers, logistics providers, freight carriers, law enforcement agencies, and other stakeholders with the common aim of reducing losses from international supply chains. (Source: www.tapaemea.com).

SGS audits our security and procedures every year. In 2010 we were certified by PACT GMBH for the transportation of high-tech products. We are also audited every year by PACT (see www.kn-portal.com).

V.V.T. Europa employs a strict recruitment procedure, including a security check on all personnel. All employees are also given external training every year in the field of International Security.



V.V.T. Europa takes socially responsible enterprise very seriously; not just for our own benefit, but also for future generations. We treat people and the environment with respect and invest wisely in our own personnel and equipment. V.V.T. Europa is committed to reducing emissions, limiting waste, and providing a healthy and safe working environment.

The entire process, from loading all the way to final delivery, is fully controlled by people with lots of planning experience. They are also supported by automated processes. With the help of its extensive intermodal network, V.V.T. Europa also combines routes and manages partial loads, so that the logistics process can run as effectively as possible.

A better society is in all of out best interests. That’s why we also ask our partners to make similar efforts with regard to people and the environment.


V.V.T. Europa strives to provide the highest possible quality service, which is why we spend so much time training and educating our personnel. All employees follow external training courses every year, both in their own field of expertise and in the field of International Security.

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Flexibility 24/7

The flexibility of a logistics service provider is very important, particularly at the times you need them most.

Our logistics processes run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, non-stop, including public holidays. The fact that our personnel and equipment are available around the clock means V.V.T. Europa can always satisfy your logistics requirements. Are you facing a logistics challenge over the weekend or on a public holiday? We’re ready for you.

As well as flexibility with regard to time, V.V.T. Europa can also satisfy your demands with regard to transport, equipment, distribution channels, suppliers and information. A rigid setup doesn’t lead to good results in the long term, so we are happy to listen and work together with you. Carefully constructed international partnerships mean we can spring into action at times to suit you. V.V.T. Europa cooperates with partners who employ the same standards for quality and safety as we do. Do you have specific requirements within your organisation? We will be to discuss what solution works best for you as the client.


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