Flexibility 24/7

The flexibility of a logistics service provider is very important, particularly at the times you need them most.

Our logistics processes run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, non-stop, including public holidays. The fact that our personnel and equipment are available around the clock means V.V.T. Europa can always satisfy your logistics requirements. Are you facing a logistics challenge over the weekend or on a public holiday? We’re ready for you.

As well as flexibility with regard to time, V.V.T. Europa can also satisfy your demands with regard to transport, equipment, distribution channels, suppliers and information. A rigid setup doesn’t lead to good results in the long term, so we are happy to listen and work together with you. Carefully constructed international partnerships mean we can spring into action at times to suit you. V.V.T. Europa cooperates with partners who employ the same standards for quality and safety as we do. Do you have specific requirements within your organisation? We will be to discuss what solution works best for you as the client.