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Road barge transport
Transportation of high value goods

V.V.T. Europa transports High Value and Vulnerable Cargo. We have a wide range of resources and procedures to enable this. Standard procedures for truck and freight security are very important to us. Every client ultimately has their own security procedures, and we are happy to adapt our service accordingly.

The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) is a unique forum that unites global manufacturers, logistics providers, freight carriers, law enforcement agencies, and other stakeholders with the common aim of reducing losses from international supply chains. (Source: www.tapaemea.com).


Lloyds Rotterdam audits our security and procedures every year. In 2010 we were certified by PACT GMBH for the transportation of high-tech products, and in 2011 for our warehousing (storage management). We are also audited every year by PACT (see www.pact-logistics.com).

V.V.T. Europa employs a strict recruitment procedure, including a security check on all personnel. All employees are also given external training every year in the field of International Security.

V.V.T. Europa Security Resources:

  • GPS/GPRS truck/trailer;
  • Drivers specially trained in the transportation of high value loads;
  • Container locks can be fitted with GPS/GPRS functionality;
  • Signed seal-processes and (V.V.V.T.-)verification for each transport;
  • Security instructions signed by the driver for each transport;
  • Status messages from an on-board computer;
  • Panic button 24/7, including live monitoring by (PAC) incident room AGS-FreightWatch;
  • GPS Monitoring including live monitoring by (PAC) incident room AGS-FreightWatch;
  • Identification number on truck and container for fast incident monitoring from the air (police);
  • CMR with unique reference number straight after unloading by email;
  • Detailed route planning with possibility of geo- and route-fencing;
  • External static monitoring services in collaboration with partner AGS-FreightWatch;
  • Passive and Active GPS monitoring, including periodic status reports;
  • Escort throughout the whole transportation (Pan-European) from external security partner AGS-FreightWatch;
  • Storage in a secure depot, certified in accordance with TAPA, PACT GMBH and TVM requirements;
  • Cameras with live link, one in the truck and two outside the truck;
  • Locked trailer doors, only accessible via GPRS.

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