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V.V.T. Europa has lots of experience with many forms of transportation, storage and logistics, and has already helped many clients organise all their carriage for large projects. Its experience with project loads makes V.V.T. Europa an excellent partner for providing advice, making choices and ultimately determining how to organise a wide range of projects, to bring them to a successful conclusion, such as:

  • moving entire factory inventories;
  • moving large equipment;
  • systematic organisation of continuous transportation processes;
  • new product launches and ramp-ups, or supporting new product logistics to safeguard fast and effective product launches.

V.V.T. Europa is fully aware that the secure transportation of your properties or products is extremely important. That’s why we provide personal supervision from start to finish. We ensure you are always kept up to date with all the latest developments throughout the process.


Some project examples:

  • V.V.T. Europa was commissioned to transport machines loaded in trailers from Tilburg to our depot in Waardenburg. The machines were then cleaned using (dry) ice blasting. There were very strict restrictions for this cleaning process: the machines couldn’t become wet and all food remains had to be fully removed. The machines were packed water-tight before being loaded into sea-proof containers. V.V.T. Europa transported the containers to the port and placed them on transport to Australia, the final destination.
  • V.V.T. Europa delivered 300 containers of agricultural products to four different countries – Italy, France, Hungary and Romania – with a frequency of over 10 containers per days for three weeks.
  • V.V.T. Europa delivered 90 containers from Hamburg to the Netherlands within three days. Containers with high-tech products delivered to an end client once every hour, 24 hours a day.
  • V.V.T. Europa provided storage for a complete hospital kitchen. This was then loaded and placed on transport to Africa.
  • V.V.T. Europa supported market leader in MP3 players and mobile telephones. This enabled the distribution of the latest products all over Europe, after being received in various European ports, on time.

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